I am silence.
I feel the profound immensity
of the creative power
of solitude

Even when I am dancing
in the music of joy
immersed in the sounds
of nature
basking in the voices
and visions
of love
I feel the silence from which
all is emerging

Everything is flowing forth
creating springs
and streams
and rivers of expression
of a great and powerful silence
manifesting life itself
and all the rest
is brimming overflow
of the breath of the Beloved

Passionate colors greet
and meet
and melt into waves
of silence
brushing the world
with the blushing life of where
the Beloved has been

Words dance
in the shadows of the night
and fade in the light
of morning
for everything dims
in the brilliance of the Beloved

The racing heart grows quiet
in the embrace
of pure love
for existence
is the illusive dream
that conceals the mystery
of a life unseen

Every moment cries out
with the Presence
of Spirit
through the invisible touch
of breath
and the fragile
and glistening threads
spun from the light
of inspiration

Silence is a sky
where the heart pours
its wine
upon the clouds
to leave a trail
where love has been
and lovers sigh
sipping the sweetness
through the eyes

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