heart to heart to heart to heart

Ultimately, we discover the lovers connected by the Beloved that flow from heart to heart to heart in the intimate circle of the Friends of the Heart where we find those green pastures and still waters and the open sky of the soul where all is healed, and we are embraced in the arms of gentleness and transformed and made new every moment in the spiraling chain of life as emanations of the spirit of love circles and touches, and circles and touches, and circles and touches.. dancing along the line of all opposites helping us recognize and realize the beauty that we are. When that happens the negative voices of the world dim in the light of magnificence of the sweet truth that lives within us and calls us to see and hear and taste and touch a glowing new reality as we breathe the breath of the Divine One. We rediscover innocence and gaze through eyes that envision a new world forever creating new possibilities. A creative Spirit lives within us…..calling us to remember who we truly are…..and to join in the dance.

Share the Joy you know within….the world needs it so. Find a secret corner of the Winehouse and write and write and play and send out love notes to the world, leave them everywhere, suddenly, the light is arising within you, emanations of spirit, like the mist rising from the river, and lights begin to go on in hearts in the quiet of the night and the Beloved finds a home in us. The moment becomes eternal…a spinning dance of beauty that we glimpse when we reach for what is real and true the way we have always known it is meant to be!

One Response to “heart to heart to heart to heart”

  1. gailmae Says:

    Naomi ~ Just so beautiful, it sings to my soul……….

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