Mystical Silence of Truth

There are no words large enough
for the mystical silence
that surrounds my life
flowing through the manifestations
appearing in the colors
flashing within
a deep rich darkness
that saves a place for my
deepest moments

Leaving cloud trails
around the earth
misty vapors left from tears
forever breathing
that springs from
the brushing touch
of spirit in flight

My open heart feels your
mystical silence
flavored with
the sweet honey and spices
and swirling colors
of your dreams
seeking form

Only infinity wraps itself
around our journeys
into spirit
forever expanding
streaming in the unseen
glory of the light

The heart bleeds from
wandering into
unhealed places of
other hearts
and dies a thousand human
deaths until remembering
life again and again

How many incarnations
will we create as
we tenderly embrace
our longings to be
what we have never
been before in
this spinning existence

Perhaps the endless cycles
and dimensions
are floating remnants
of other worlds
where we have been
and earth is our paradise
we fail to recognize

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