Seized by Unceasing Love

to be seized by a Love
that will never
let go
is a wondrous captivity

we spring from an eternal flow
and fall
into a rushing river
of no return

forever is a word
we use
but a concept
in which we drown

love surrounds and overwhelms
stuns us
into surrender
and sets us free

every moment a revelation
of discovery
and what it truly means
to be alive

only the Beloved loves us
in the clarity
and shimmering freshness
of morning dew

awakens and opens
our hearts
to feel the glance
that makes everything new

light beams that dance
off the moon
and become the stars
in our eyes

only the Beloved turns
the twilight
into a setting sun
for everyone

enchanting us to follow
a song of silence
along a hidden path
to infinity

grinning through clouds
and rainbow mist
we are kissed
by a laughing lover

who disappears in a storm
making us tremble
in the thunder
and whirling winds

then lifts us ever so gently
and lays us
on soft clouds of light
after the rain

only the beloved reveals
what tenderness
truly means
in forming a soul

the beloved is the unknown
touching and teasing
slipping away
wanting to play

We are blessed with the bliss
of a transforming kiss
and nothing is sweeter
than this

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