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Sweet light of grace

May 30, 2011

to awaken
in a soft surrounding
presence of love
is to feel the radiance
of the sweet light of grace
and indescribable
no matter
how we reach
to name the mystery
words catch a glowing moment
and images carry a glance
of a deeper vision
of the heart

to feel an intimacy
with beauty
is to open the portals
to the soul
and feel the light
clinging to the spirit
of an invisibility
the mystical veil
of sweet surrendering
to the beloved

pure grace

the mystical presence

May 26, 2011

this very moment
harbors revelation
on many levels
when even dimly aware
of the unspoken
hidden and dwelling
the heart

the great mystery
shelters secrets
of unending treasures
and yet
so many
choose to follow
the runaway mind
us around by our fears

what reality
do we experience
within the reverence
of silence

who or what is the nameless
of sweet consolation
that stirs
a remembrance
of love

where is the hidden altar
of our faith

who is it invites our

there is great creative
in aligning
with the heart
in the midst of chaos
and confusion

the portals open
to invite
you inside the holiness
of a welcoming love
a beauty
just beyond our reach

suddenly a presence
reaches out
to bridge the distance
and we feel
a touch
we cannot see

someone is spreading
on the path
and praying you will dare
to wander
into the mystery
and beauty
of your own heart

when the portal was open
and unguarded
someone slipped
and found rays of light
to the moon

rising essence of love

May 23, 2011

You shine out like raindrops
clinging to the petals
of the rarest flower
in the wilderness
of placelessness
with the light of the moon
reflecting in my eyes
remembering the brilliance
of the sun
in the timelessness
of God

Dark eyes are passage
into the unknown depth of a heart
a spacelessness
that spins me
into galaxies of stars
leaving only the gentle touch
of breath slipping
quietly from your lips
the way morning dew slides
from the leaves
into sand
without a sound

It is only in deepest silence
I find my way
feeling the love that guides me
to follow you
into the uncharted seas
of your soul
drawn by waves
pulling me under
in currents of eternity
where I gaze
through your infinite eyes
and feel you
looking through mine

Heart flows to heart
in a circling dance
glance following glance
through a drifting fragrance
of errant sweetness
for light has lost its way
lingering with lovers
to play a while
melting into hidden smiles
behind the mystic veil
of falling tears
of joy

Love closes the measureless
distance of longing
creating a feast
of unfolding beauty
for the eyes
by the solid surface
of illusion
for the fluid fortune
of lovers
is to flow
toward union
in the dark

i have a friend

May 22, 2011

I have a friend
whose love will never end

who likes to dance with willow trees
who feels and sees

everyone and everything
as a breath of spring

and when we think there’s nothing left
and we are bereft

my friend creates someone new
like you

and in the emptiness
rushes to bless

and prepare the space
for the light of a face

that surrounds and fills the air
with the silence of prayer
and singing

a song so high in the sky
so we will try and fly

and follow the flight
to stay in sight

and in the sound
of the joy that is found

wherever love might flow
so we also go

the trouble with rhyme
is that the climb

must be sound by sound
and the mind goes round and round

O love
set me free
to always be with thee

never apart
from your heart

hide me in that holy place
beneath the glory of your face

so light will gently fall
over all

O let every day begin and end
within my sheltering friend

stop this silliness
and bless

these lips with the bliss
of a silent kiss

The universe in a moment

May 20, 2011

In this very moment
when we open the eyes of our hearts
the universe crowds
into the vision of lovers
and falls before the gaze of love
into wonders
we might never have seen
if we had not let the aching sweetness
of beauty open our hearts

Vision when seen through hearts
opens a special path
into the soul
and we plunge into a sea
of embracing freshness
cradled and rocked in beauty
that lifts and carries us
on a rolling wave
of exaltation
like being born again and again
into innocence and laughing delight

Lovers peer into the vast unknown
like an unwrapped present
excited to find the gift
that love might bring to our
anxious hearts
and a touchable invisibility
shapes the stillness
into a stunning surprise that draws
a flow of trembling sighs
from our eager lips

Faith is the anticipation
and hope is the dream
that waits for us
as we race into unseen arms
our feet never touching the ground
airborne into beauty
that reveals the infinite space
of lovers eager to share
the secrets of open hearts
leaping into a new world
of light and the treasures of love

Free to soar and glide
sliding on a grace filled ride
of spirits
entwined in gentle breath
and tender whispering of lovers
a feast of flight and sight
with the pure taste of loving
making every touch
the first
filling the anointed air
surrounding lovers
with the secrets of heaven

Love Song to the Monarch of our Mornings

May 16, 2011

Love Song to the Monarch of our Mornings

O sweet breath of God
we are all spun from the dust of the stars
mixed with the light from the sun
sliding to earth
on the glowing beams
of your moon

we are the colors hidden
in your pure light
surrendered and poured out
as bluebells and daisies
as cleansing tears
of falling rain
as intricately formed
crystals of frozen lace
that grace
the skies
and purify the land

we are the winds
the moods and whims
and flow
of your being
a million blossoms
a million faces
conceived in
every shape and size
dancing from the eyes
of our own
each a creation
invited to express
some aspect of your nature
perceived and felt
within this tiny pulsing heart
beating in rhythm
of the rising and falling
of your breathing

we are the beautiful children
of your innocence
the beginning of endless life
the glorious offspring
of your womb

we are the brilliance
of your gaze
created from your laughter
and joy
from the foolishness of your play
the roaring of a lion king
the whimper
of a creature
calling for your help

we are the beauty of joseph
the surrender of mary
the prayer of countless saints
and the song
of a thousand birds

we are the expression
of humility
before your greatness
stumbling and mumbling
and murmuring
of a father and mother
daughter and son
divine children
spun from your longing
to give us life

we are longing lovers reaching
for a single touch
of your flame
and you are infinite names
that fall from lips
that call out
to your divine sweetness
as the world
appears as the rainbow
and the treasure
of your smile

our lives are a pilgrimage
to the source
of every expression
of your life
as we follow the trails
of our own footprints in the dust
that lead us
to listen to whispering hearts
to feel how our lives are
powered by the blaze
of our flaming adoration

we are constantly moved by
a spinning
and ever spiraling
to touch the stars
to awaken and behold the glory
you pour out before us
in endless
beauty as you move
within us in whirlpools
of presence
and rivers of light
brimming with life from the sun
and we are blind
and deaf and sleeping
until we awaken
in your arms
and know the greatness
of your eternal

we are your treasure
your pleasure
and we allow our world to become
so small
when we fail to see how
we fall and turn
away from the exalting gaze
of your divine eyes
shining the light of love
on our little lives

O blessed portal of eternal life
O blessed face
veiled in every grace
we receive

O sweet Beloved
of infinite power and might
of tenderness
and holy light

may we awaken to our lives
falling and flowing
and flowering
glorious rays of light
lifted by the gentle breeze
and drifting
on each precious breath
of your
spreading spirit
anointing us
in this heaven we feel
and hold
within our hearts

Resting in the arms of love

May 15, 2011

Dance with me!

May 14, 2011

in the valleys
on the water
along the shores
in unknown places
and spaces
in the stars
in the light
in the dark
in the mind
in the heart
and soul
in the senses
in the complexity
of the elements
in consciousness
the unconscious
the subconscious
in dreaming
and waking
in feelings
in beauty
in emotions
in thought
in other worlds
other dimensions
in twilight
and the setting sun
in the dawn
and the rising sun
in all blossoming
and all creatures
and all humanity

wandering and dancing
in the energy
of love
wherever i turn
i experience
the expansiveness
and expression
and visions
of the Beloved
for the Beloved is found
and in everything

a glimpse of beauty

May 12, 2011

unfolding magnolia


Photo taken by Jewels Smith (c)
Explore her visions on Flickr
entering dreamland

Veil of Mystery

May 11, 2011

Beauty clings to the wings of mystery
discovering flight
in the falling feathers
of freedom
guided by the heart
for it is Joy that awakens
our remembering
as we arise
and are moved
to face the unknown
in ourselves.

Love sweeps us into soaring
as we are lifted
by the updraft of dreams
that release
the precious secrets that
set our spirits free
to fly with the Beloved
beyond the sun.

When all is silent
and all the pointless
planning stops
a hush falls over
the world
and we trust love to guide
this journey through
the infinite sky
of our being.

We are touched by love
that leaves an
upon our soul the way
lovers leave the
of a union
that happens deep
inside the heart.

All falls into the mystery
of love
that cannot be taught
or stolen
or promised
nor can it ever be destroyed
for it comes through
the light of grace
of the surrounding embrace
of the Beloved.

Lovers share a deep
rejoicing silence
for the birth of innocence
and the purity
of the infinite love
pouring through
the stars
in the eyes
of the Beloved.

We dance and dissolve
in the glance
that comes in the light
of communion
through the clarity of the wine
and the truth
we share
in the sanctuary
of our hearts.