A divine embrace

Would that we could share
the sweetness
the beauty of conversion
the love and the wonder
of the faith
and transformation
of our highest moments
that we could give
and share
with each other
as we vanish
into the precious presence
of the Beloved of whom we sing
and praise and love
as we rejoice
in the greatest treasure
of this life

All we can do is leave
the traces
of a life immersed
in the murmuring moments
of remembrance
a life of recognition
of the One who calls us
to something more
than before
whoever we are
or wherever we live
or dwell and have our being
in the Beloved

There is a pathless way
that draws us
through the heart
that shares the breath
and pulsing rhythm
of the One
in whom we dissolve
into an ever expanding
spirit of love
as we sigh
and surrender
and gratefully whisper

O Beloved One
who contains All that is
All that ever was
and All that ever will be
we are only truly
alive and real
in the eternal nature
of the soul
and spirit
formed from the love
that we share

2 Responses to “A divine embrace”

  1. alka Says:

    Lovely Naomi… each life time is sweet in that Embrace .. we have to come back each time and embrace in our dreams.. So lovely to feel that touch of Divine”s dust…Much Love n Hugs… alka

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      Life is sweet when every moment invites us to experience the embrace in some new way, and when we run into those arms of God, we find the beauty and the relationship that we have longed for in our hearts. We align ourselves with the beauty and the deep attraction that draws us to the Love that is always new, expanding, inspiring, welcoming, peaceful, passionate, and we open our hearts to drink deeply of the intimacy and care with which we were created. We are surrounded with a depth of love we didn’t even know we were capable of feeling.
      We emanate that love, let it flow and pour out across the universe. You have that kindness and generosity that overflows from that love.
      Thank you for your sharing. Your words become a blessing as they flow from your heart.

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