Let it happen

When I come to this place I have set aside to sing in the night, I open my heart and let it happen. It is not about poetry or anything that has to do with category or form.

It just happens, that I love the intensity and concentrated feeling that I can express in what I call “the fall line of my heart.” I let them flow. I let my heart have its say. I come to this open space in the quiet of the night and let it happen.
It invites me to taste the beauty of the Presence I feel in my heart and soul, as the mystics say, like sipping the finest wine.

I love having somewhere I can just pour out and let it overflow, to allow the chalice to brim to the top and let it stream out in all directions. If it touches the toes of someone passing by, then they were meant to have their feet washed in love.

I don’t want to guide it or direct it or try to attract someone to read it. If it is meant to happen, it happens. It is my sanctuary, my upper room, my quiet place, when I can just write and express what I feel.

I feel the air of freedom, and reaching for the words to express it seems to launch it into being, creates a feeling like prayer, singing my song of love, not stifling my heart or telling it to be quiet, so that what I feel won’t bother anyone. It it is the updraft, and it reaches for the thermals high in the air….where we see birds gliding and circling….floating on the currents of air already there. There is a wondrous freedom to just let the feelings flow. Love has its way with me, and I let it shine its light wherever it wants to go.

If no one in the world is listening, I know my heart is listening. You know how a fountain shoots up in the air toward the light, and then it falls back into the reflecting pool from which it came? The love becomes a waterfall and returns to bless and circulate in my heart in a new way, changed by the light of awareness that beholds it. It becomes more than it was before. Whatever else someone may call it, it is sweet love that blesses and anoints my sharing.

May we always find a sacred place where we can feel the freedom to let love happen without holding back.

Sweet moments in the night….invite the enchanting light of love to share its light.

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