A new day….a new moment

One of my favorite images….never mind who it is or who did it……..or trying to give it a name…just feel the concept that is embedded within the passionate gift of what you see….listening to the heart.
Secrets are hidden in your heart………..listen to the whispering.
Everything that has happened since life began is silenced in that sacred place, and that precious silence is opening a clearing for you to finally listen to your heart…instead of trying to overhear what everyone else is saying…….what is making itself known to you? to you…..no one else?

What is hidden in the silences of your heart? What is the divine touch of life writing there?
What kind of a world do you want? What would bring you Joy? What would set the blood moving, make your heart beat faster, and give you hope?

What does the glow of light reveal to you? What do you see with the eyes of the heart?
What is the most thrilling moment you can imagine?
We know many things we don’t want….not this….not this…..not that…..been there….done that…..never again……..what do you want? What would surprise you?
Listen…….your heart is waiting to befriend you.

We behold beauty in a mystical silence when we are courageous enough to face it.

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