Dance with me!

in the valleys
on the water
along the shores
in unknown places
and spaces
in the stars
in the light
in the dark
in the mind
in the heart
and soul
in the senses
in the complexity
of the elements
in consciousness
the unconscious
the subconscious
in dreaming
and waking
in feelings
in beauty
in emotions
in thought
in other worlds
other dimensions
in twilight
and the setting sun
in the dawn
and the rising sun
in all blossoming
and all creatures
and all humanity

wandering and dancing
in the energy
of love
wherever i turn
i experience
the expansiveness
and expression
and visions
of the Beloved
for the Beloved is found
and in everything

One Response to “Dance with me!”

  1. enea Says:

    So beautiful!! Each of your poems left me speechless.

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