Love Song to the Monarch of our Mornings

Love Song to the Monarch of our Mornings

O sweet breath of God
we are all spun from the dust of the stars
mixed with the light from the sun
sliding to earth
on the glowing beams
of your moon

we are the colors hidden
in your pure light
surrendered and poured out
as bluebells and daisies
as cleansing tears
of falling rain
as intricately formed
crystals of frozen lace
that grace
the skies
and purify the land

we are the winds
the moods and whims
and flow
of your being
a million blossoms
a million faces
conceived in
every shape and size
dancing from the eyes
of our own
each a creation
invited to express
some aspect of your nature
perceived and felt
within this tiny pulsing heart
beating in rhythm
of the rising and falling
of your breathing

we are the beautiful children
of your innocence
the beginning of endless life
the glorious offspring
of your womb

we are the brilliance
of your gaze
created from your laughter
and joy
from the foolishness of your play
the roaring of a lion king
the whimper
of a creature
calling for your help

we are the beauty of joseph
the surrender of mary
the prayer of countless saints
and the song
of a thousand birds

we are the expression
of humility
before your greatness
stumbling and mumbling
and murmuring
of a father and mother
daughter and son
divine children
spun from your longing
to give us life

we are longing lovers reaching
for a single touch
of your flame
and you are infinite names
that fall from lips
that call out
to your divine sweetness
as the world
appears as the rainbow
and the treasure
of your smile

our lives are a pilgrimage
to the source
of every expression
of your life
as we follow the trails
of our own footprints in the dust
that lead us
to listen to whispering hearts
to feel how our lives are
powered by the blaze
of our flaming adoration

we are constantly moved by
a spinning
and ever spiraling
to touch the stars
to awaken and behold the glory
you pour out before us
in endless
beauty as you move
within us in whirlpools
of presence
and rivers of light
brimming with life from the sun
and we are blind
and deaf and sleeping
until we awaken
in your arms
and know the greatness
of your eternal

we are your treasure
your pleasure
and we allow our world to become
so small
when we fail to see how
we fall and turn
away from the exalting gaze
of your divine eyes
shining the light of love
on our little lives

O blessed portal of eternal life
O blessed face
veiled in every grace
we receive

O sweet Beloved
of infinite power and might
of tenderness
and holy light

may we awaken to our lives
falling and flowing
and flowering
glorious rays of light
lifted by the gentle breeze
and drifting
on each precious breath
of your
spreading spirit
anointing us
in this heaven we feel
and hold
within our hearts

2 Responses to “Love Song to the Monarch of our Mornings”

  1. alka Says:

    So beautifully attuned to Love you are Naomi.. you remind us in every aspect of life how important it is to not forget the futility of clinging on.. and lovely pictures too.. thank you Naomi.. for you are a so pure..

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    What a lovely response, you with your caring heart!
    You know it is the Monarch of our Mornings, who is pure.
    We are swept up in the beauty of those wondrous wings of Spirit!!
    As I say in the beginning, thank you for caring for so many, dear one.

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