i have a friend

I have a friend
whose love will never end

who likes to dance with willow trees
who feels and sees

everyone and everything
as a breath of spring

and when we think there’s nothing left
and we are bereft

my friend creates someone new
like you

and in the emptiness
rushes to bless

and prepare the space
for the light of a face

that surrounds and fills the air
with the silence of prayer
and singing

a song so high in the sky
so we will try and fly

and follow the flight
to stay in sight

and in the sound
of the joy that is found

wherever love might flow
so we also go

the trouble with rhyme
is that the climb

must be sound by sound
and the mind goes round and round

O love
set me free
to always be with thee

never apart
from your heart

hide me in that holy place
beneath the glory of your face

so light will gently fall
over all

O let every day begin and end
within my sheltering friend

stop this silliness
and bless

these lips with the bliss
of a silent kiss