rising essence of love

You shine out like raindrops
clinging to the petals
of the rarest flower
in the wilderness
of placelessness
with the light of the moon
reflecting in my eyes
remembering the brilliance
of the sun
in the timelessness
of God

Dark eyes are passage
into the unknown depth of a heart
a spacelessness
that spins me
into galaxies of stars
leaving only the gentle touch
of breath slipping
quietly from your lips
the way morning dew slides
from the leaves
into sand
without a sound

It is only in deepest silence
I find my way
feeling the love that guides me
to follow you
into the uncharted seas
of your soul
drawn by waves
pulling me under
in currents of eternity
where I gaze
through your infinite eyes
and feel you
looking through mine

Heart flows to heart
in a circling dance
glance following glance
through a drifting fragrance
of errant sweetness
for light has lost its way
lingering with lovers
to play a while
melting into hidden smiles
behind the mystic veil
of falling tears
of joy

Love closes the measureless
distance of longing
creating a feast
of unfolding beauty
for the eyes
by the solid surface
of illusion
for the fluid fortune
of lovers
is to flow
toward union
in the dark