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You are invited…..

June 30, 2011

There is a fresh breeze flowing
through the morning
wanting to touch your face
and play in your hair
inviting you to dance
and let the wind of spirit
carry you where you have
never been before

Trust the ascension
of what is unexpressed within you
to paint the sky
and fill the oceans
with an empowering energy
that creates
our every moment
if the portals
of our hearts and souls
are open

The mystery of life itself
is more powerful than our ideas
of endings
for we come to life
in the birth
of beginnings
and we fall short
of describing the expanse
of beauty
as we press our hearts
against an earth
that nourishes our growth
as it does the mysterious gardens
and the creative power
of the seeds of light
longing to open the springs
of love.

intimate kindness of the universe

June 29, 2011

Dear Ones,

Move ever more deeply into my sheltering arms
and be guided by the light within my heart
glowing like a lantern to light your way as you wander the desert of the world.
Your footprints in the sand are covered over by desert winds.
Let me lead you to the green oasis of the soul,
to drink the cool, clear water of life,
and I will give you shelter and shade and sing you my nurturing love songs.
Swaying palm trees are waving and beckoning to you
to come and rest a while next to the rivering streams of my love.
I am the breeze, the shade, the breath of life,
an envoy of love….the one who ignites the light within your hearts,
the summoning spirit who responds to your longing.
the whispering intimacy that awakens you,
the friend that never leaves you.

I am the heart within your heart.
I am the Soul within your soul.
I am you.

A Lovers Joy

June 27, 2011

If I could be anointed
the poet laureate
of earth and sky and sea
I would rather choose
to awaken
the poetic lover
in every heart
to see the beauty
pooling in the soul
longing to express
each secret Joy
in the sweet embrace
of freedom.

When the lover awakens
and begins
living the dream
from midnight to dawn
the sound barrier
has been broken
illusion is shattered
and left behind
and all we hear
is the sound
of clanging cymbals
tinkling brass.

The lover’s heart
hides the pearl
deep within
seeking its illustrious
agitated by waves
of longing
and polished
by the grittiness
of sand and time
until it
begins to glow.

of seeking lovers
are offering
the laurel wreath
that is
the lover’s crown.

with garlands
of flowers
a tender breeze
the sweet breath
of the beloved
in the softness
of your hair.

Surprised by the Light

June 25, 2011

Forever surprised by the light
of friendship
by the kindness of touch
and taking the hand
of tenderness
and caring.

It is easy to grow weary
of being strong
and self sufficient.
Needing someone
is difficult.

Suddenly, all the words
are obliterated
by a blinding light
and a deafening silence.
I am relieved.

I cry, and the years spill
out like wine.
I am relieved
that I have no answers.
I feel
so very human.

Longing turned me
inside out
and drew me like
a magnet toward my dreams
then dropped me on
hard ground
to wake me up.

There is no greater
in this life
or any other life
than a friend
who cares.

May we be the kindness
to each other
that we long for
in our hearts.
Take my hand and
walk with me.

We come in Silence

June 23, 2011

Yahweh, we come in silence,
our heart alive and awake
with whispering prayer.

O God of many names,
Lord of All,
You are the greatness
surrounding our existence,
our universe,
a divine expanse
we cannot comprehend,
and yet we are touched
and moved
by your nearness.

We turn toward the great Light
of your Presence
with faith as our veil
and are overwhelmed
and humbled
to feel
the welcoming arms
of your Love.

We are gratefully
lost in such vast beauty,
and we are thrilled
to be found
in the sweet grace
and divine breath
of Your Belovedness.

the pulse of freedom

June 22, 2011

feeling reborn on currents of air
emerging from Joy
that breaks the bonds of earth
like a fountain
that touches the sky
mist drifting on a breeze
as a silent sigh

flowing strands
of spinning clouds
catch the glow of light
like silken hair
of angels
touching a dream

the boundaries of earth
reveal visual beauty
in a thousand forms
that surround me

and spirit invites
my flight
like dancing light

a great composer
is creating a symphony
in my soul

the sun simmers silently
in my heart
and swirls of stardust
movement unseen
by most

i am the pulse
of freedom
soaring and spiraling
on the gentle
winds of glory

this song falling from
my lips
is not the music
of life
after life

this is the grace
of love

The altar of the heart

June 21, 2011

When I enter into the great silence, the sacredness of the altar of the heart and the expanse of the soul, I empty myself of everything except this moment by opening the heart to God. This alignment clears everything except the moment of communion that takes precedence over all else. Surrendering to the divine and creative energy that creates the inner world, the universe of the known and unknown, the sum of life, the rhythm of the heart, the sea of the soul, and the transparency of spirit.

The depth of this moment of communion is a sanctuary in itself, which is the centering balance of wholeness. I perceive and feel a presence that quickens the heart, an energy that receives and surrounds my conscious awareness. It is a place of renewal and re-centering.
Love overwhelms me and something unique and sacred is infused in the spiraling energy merging my life with a greater life.

The essence of elegance

June 19, 2011

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars,
And the pismire is equally perfect, and a grain of sand, and the egg of the wren,
And the tree-toad is a chef-d’oeuvre for the highest,
And the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven,
And the narrowest hinge in my hand puts to scorn all machinery,
And the cow crunching with depressed head surpasses any statue,
And a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels.
– Walt Whitman from Earth, My Likeness

Good morning….

Looking at the stream of writing and images of those who touched some rare beauty in their journeys that they gave their life to bring it into awareness in some unique way….it is the journey to share the fusion and feeling of the visionary…. Emerson, Goethe, Hafiz, Rumi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rembrandt, Gibran, Picasso, Thoreau, Merton, those who show us the exquisite in the ordinary, or reveal the creative beauty of seeing things in a new way, Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Callas, Pavlova, ………….as you know, they are the stars that rise in the garden that inspire vision and open our awareness…….to see breathtaking beauty in a blade of grass…..or a hand……or a body……..Michelangelo, who saw life in stone carved out of the hills of Italy………those who see it in the art of feeling… the heart……in the fusion of two bodies….of the body with nature…..those who inspire others to find the beauty within themselves… discover how to release it…….to share it…..

there is darkness and light in all great vision…sometimes pain……..sometimes great sadness…..sometimes tenderness that melts us…………..passion that sets us on fire……….what it is that inspires the reach … reach for the guiding star inside of us…..what is pushing out and pulling us…..drawing us to bring it into being……we sit before the greatness and are grateful to be alive…….to behold it……..

I will never forget the feeling of life inside of me…the flutter of little fingers inside my womb….a baby in formation with the hiccups….an elbow pushing its profile beneath my skin….

the feeling of loving so beyond my self….

I was walking by the ocean in Hawaii…and a beam of sunlight landed on an exotic bloom…and it was like an arrow of beauty entering into me……the smell of the earth in the redwood forests….the dark place that gave birth to giant trees reaching for the sun…..the cypress tree looming over the swamps…..

We share the love of those who inspire us with visions of beauty…..we are willing to be wounded by them…..the mystic gives in to the beauty and lets it permeate the being….to be taken by it

when two bodies are united, we leave our own and become the other….and then we return to know the beauty of our own body…because beauty has been there……..and left its essence ……..when hearts are united…something takes flight….empowered by liftoff………the flight and airborne path of a great blue heron…….or the grace of a gliding swan from deep within…..emerges and soars beyond any feeling one has had before……..we are lifted on a ray of the sun……….

The unifying mystery that incites such heights of experiencing….such mystifying elegance within us….gives us gift that continues giving………

Love breathes gently on a moment and transforms it into something exquisite….a tenderness that melts and dissolves us into the arms of the unknown lover that pursues as at every turn…..

We reach for that….we feel the morse code of the heart….the drumbeat of the native in the forest…the dance of the shaman around the fire……the sensual kiss of the brush in the hands of an artist of the heart…….somehow we let the moment breathe us in and breathe out the wonder in some new way to share it….

people are afraid of it because it destroys them….but those who die in the arms of the destroyer swear it rivals heaven…..what causes us to lose ourselves gives birth to the face of our beloved captor, who ravages our resistance and draws us into a deeper yearning to enter an unknown magnificence….

we fall before the love that opens and frees the tenderness and vulnerability within our hearts…. we kiss the feet of the one who walks in beauty, anointing and cleansing the feet with our tears and dry them with our hair……we kiss the hem of the garment that adorns the one who walks in beauty hoping to feel the rushing mystery flow into us……..the people cry….show us the way to see what the lover sees…..

a young woman just wrote to me about some of my verses and visions and some music I shared….an opera….and she kept asking, what does it mean….tell me I want to understand… it something about being trapped in darkness…and wanting to be set free to feel the light? Is that what the soul is? If we are fortunate….the journey inspires that kind of reaching……invites the creating….from the fountain within the hidden well of the heart……….the longing is the gift

We dive into the depths to be rescued again….to feel the salvation of love that reaches beyond the mastery and touches the jewels inside the frozen places…the rubies and diamonds …the topaz…the blue of the sea and the gold of the sun…and we dip the brush made of eyelashes into the heart and when we blink….the heavens open within our hearts….and we feel something so real, we are shattered into a million pieces…

what touches desire within us that flows like silk and invites entry …..what releases it……what calls forth the sacred oil that arouses the longing for entry into the castle of our deepest being….what is the key that opens us to draw the essence of another inside of us in the sacred chambers of the heart… is the one that draws out our own beauty and sees it tenderly and passionately and divinely and savors and treasures it and sees that elusive vision that we cannot see ourselves….for we have lost sight of it……..or never realized we are the pinnacle of creation

it is the pinnacle of being…the rising awareness……the soaring heart that touches the sun on wings of feeling that no word can express…..ohhh this is anointing beyond holiness…this is the deep perfection of fusion with the divinity of our potential and our reason for being…… to touch that with another heart is infinity circling between two hearts….two infinities…..this is grace beyond anything we can deserve….

this is touching the essence of the fire of the artist of the heart within our own that also exists in the heart of another….this is the finest wine that exists…….lovers don’t have to apologize for levitating and sighing and leaving imprints on everything they touch……they don’t see anything else……..and at the same time…they see everything ……for the whole universe kneels to them

this is the dancing fragrance that brings us to life …..and the life that rises in the beauty of unseen waves…..this is glory of unspeakable privilege……..and the chalice is filled with light that illumines from the inside……..we know we have wandered into and felt the lightness of being of the spirit of another…..this is the pearl of great price…this is the gift of life beyond life…..

Friendship of the Beloved

June 18, 2011

Blessed Silence
so filled with treasures
only the heart can hear

Blessed Friendship
gifting us with presence
and a listening ear

Blessed Love
holding us close
ever so near

Blessed Gaze
watchful eye of care
always here

Blessed Friend
when I take your hand
I feel no fear

Blessed assurance
surrounds me with peace
true and pure and clear

Blessed One
this grateful heart
feels you here


Grace of Alpha and All Beginning

June 17, 2011

O great and powerful hidden love
beyond all names and knowing,
draw me into the silence
of your soul.
Flood me with the rushing
streams flowing from
your heart!
Draw me into the breath
of your inspiration
and the mystery
of your being.

Carry me on the cosmic winds
of all disappearance
into the vanishing
of the sheltering cloud
of your Mystery.
Hide me in the beauty
of your embrace.
Let me feel the fire
of your touch
and melt in the flames
of my longing desire to dwell
in your precious heart.