Vision of Love

There are such treasures
revealed in the light
waiting for the gaze of lovers
to behold
the crowning colors
through the heart

The vision of love
opens the portals of beauty
as the universe kneels
before them
in the radiance
of the beloved

4 Responses to “Vision of Love”

  1. alka Says:

    Perhaps Naomi.. the only way to endure is to be able to Love.. i dont find that tough but at times get hasseled too.. and ask My Beloved… now what can i Love in this ? aah the reply is to love more all that i oppose … still learning .. am so happy to read your pure words for they challenge me to Love even more.. forgive even more.. much love..n hugs…. alka

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    It is always refreshing to read your posts. I feel what you feel, wondering sometimes, how to respond to the cruelty and violence in the world, to experience those times when we all fall short of love. It seems to be our human condition. It can obscure the wonderful grace of divine love veiled in the heart.
    When I go to the well and center my self in the Source of all love, I experience the remembering of the light of God, of the wholeness, and I align my heart and mind and soul and spirit with the wonderful transparency of the eternal love that flows out to us, and in that precious silence, a crystal clear stream purifies my experiencing of everything, cures my blindness, heals my pain, and invites me into the alchemy of the dance. I feel the grace of communion that allows me to see through the precious eyes of the Beloved and to remember to surrender to that greater heart, and that expansive breath that sustains all life.
    The mystics say that we are woven into a necklace of stars, or that we flow in the rivering love to the sea of the Beloved’s heart. When we come together, we recognize the beloved in each other, and we are held in those welcoming arms. We know and recognize that holy place in the heart where the Beloved lives and moves and companions us in our struggles. Run to those arms and remember…..and we remember together, Alka….and the light of love returns to our eyes.
    Blessings upon your generous heart where we meet, dear friend.

  3. alka Says:

    Yes Naomi i am moving in my space.. somewhere in me there is a change.. a shift that is very noticable by me alone.. and i often question myself on the very foundations of living a life dazzled with possessions or living in the disarmament of those bonds that drag me back.. and i have a storm of change i have no control upon within me that emphasize to move beyond the dictations of rules..the more i try to go be my old self the greater is the effort..i am just not the same… i sit very often by myself probing within and find there is peace and stilled existence.. am learning and unlearning .. every moment i find myself questioning my own beliefs.. well…. life moves on and so will we. but glad to have a small sanctuary in your heart .. much love dearest to you..

  4. Naomi Stone Says:

    When the stream of living energy breaks free of the old boundaries, it is nearly impossible to contain it no matter how much we wish it. One hopes we can creatively find ways to live an ever greater love to embrace the expansion and allow for growth and new ways of living a larger perspective.
    It is a wonder to be in the flow of a God, who invites and includes us into freedom! Our prayer and hope is that those we love will open to it as well and that we can celebrate this new trust and freedom.
    I will be praying for you!

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