Now is all there is

Opening to receive the timeless energy
the event
that does not differentiate
between past or future
that centers in the thrill
of presence
that allows divine love to guide
the ever arising energy
that touches the moment
and compresses it
into a profound breath
of love in which
all is revealed in a flash
and all is changed in the twinkling
gaze of an eye
that is not fixed in time

Creation is centered in possibility
that extends in all directions
is limited by nothing
as the energy is moving
and creating
a moment so new
so fresh
and so expansive
it encompasses all that ever was
all that is
and all that ever will be
and all is transformed
by the sheer magnitude
and beauty
of a gaze that sees
the true purity
of every moment becoming
one with the reach of the infinite

Limitation is only an illusion
that pretends to exist
in the tiny perspective
of a little mind that tries to place
us in a span of time
it can control
that gives us an identity
we can define
in events we think cannot be changed
or altered or undone
or seen from a perspective
so new
we cannot imagine
what it was that was truly
in any given moment

Allowing the purity of Vision
to guide and create
all that is
centered in a gaze
seeing from a thrillingly new
moment of arising
through a heart that
is perfectly new
it does not remember
or consider or focus
on anything except this Nowness
of first cause
of presence that is limitless

Purity of now floods what has been
and purity of now
sets fire to any thought
or existence of a past
opening to the ever present arising
of the purity
of a truly new moment
that liberates our seeing
into the infinite
in a flash

Perhaps eternity is the purity
of Nowness
as glimpsed by Oneness
experienced as
in which nothing else exists
except what
is being created
in the completeness of a moment
fully lived and fully felt

The desire to hold on to a moment
forever binds us in a chain
of desiring

while the desire
to surrender into what is new
allows us to
flower and fade
and blossom again and again
as something always new

to flame up and burn out
to discover fire
and vaporize
to drown and breathe again
to fall asleep in one world
and awaken in another
to experience a new world
in a flash

if we cling to some recorded memory
we are cluttering the path
that guides us
to create a new one
for life is only felt in what
is already arising
in the eternal spring
of all moments merging
into the Nowness
the purity
of All that Is
in a breath that becomes
a world in its passing
as a new one
is arising

The gaze that beholds both
the passing
and the ever arising
touches heaven