A contemplative moment

Something about waterfalls is soothing to me. Perhaps it is the flow and the movement, the rainbows that seem suspended in the mist catching the sunlight, and the sound makes the water seem alive. This is a waterfall just outside of Shiraz, which is the home of Hafiz. He loved his Shiraz, speaks of it in his verses, writes of the river and the beautiful gardens as he wrote and shared his heart with us.
I have days I seek his company, and feel his presence through the timeless stream of the depth of his love. The spirit is boundless, and when we come in love, spirit responds. Hafiz tells us he will know the fragrance of love when it comes near, and he will rise from his resting place.

In the body or out of the body,
my soul and spirit are free.
Praise heaven for this mystery
and for the love that dwells within my heart.

The fire in my chest never dies,
and my heart is ever awake.
My outer life has vanished,
but love’s breath still breathes for me.

Last night, within my heart.
I heard your whispers of love,
and my heart is still quivering
to know you were there.

The longing for love that is eternal exists deep within us. A hunger for beauty circles within us, a remembrance of the touch that awakened us from sleep.
Ah, the dancing flames awaken us….and where the love songs of Hafiz are sung from his gentle heart, they are sweeter than the stars.

The mystics model such a wonderful freedom for us. Who else tells us that our inner being is created to be caressed by Joy?
Hafiz says our intimacy is as pure as the jasmine and the rose. It blossoms from God like the wild rose. What is in your heart is revealed on my tongue, shines from my eyes, and flows through my pen.

Wandering in the beauty of the mystics, feeling the flow of the fountains or standing beneath the waterfalls of the beauty of love that seems to live forever is such a renewing grace.

Wandering in the gardens this quiet afternoon…..secrets float on a gentle breeze,
and we touch the source of music and poetry anointing us with mist and rainbows in the falling water…and Hafiz says….
it is enough for us.
A secure place in the winehouse of the heart…the sweet wine of love…..and a tender friend…
This is more than enough for us!

Bless his beautiful heart!