What is your guiding star?

If you have a golden hour to listen to whoever or whatever you want to hear, or a time to explore anywhere in the world or the universe, how would you respond?
If were given the power to change anything, what would it be?
If you had the freedom to create a life-changing moment for every person in the world, what would you hope to do?

What treasures lie in the silences of your own heart and soul?

If you turn your eyes and heart and soul and senses to align them with a guiding star, to give presence to the essence of someone you feel could give you the greatest wisdom, or the most profound insight, to help you choose what direction your life will take, what light would guide you?

Sometimes, I have prayed, Let me hear only the voice of God, and there was a depth of silence that contained all the answers in the world without a word.
There are times I have sat with a child, and given my total presence to that child,
and they blossomed before my eyes and became a beauty that blinded me. A child that doesn’t sing, burst forth with an aria that sounded like an angel….eyes clear and blue as heaven itself.
As a lover, I have seen the entire cosmos unfold in the face of love.
There have been moments when I turned my heart, soul, mind, body, senses, and enraptured attention toward a friend, and suddenly a stream of stars and galaxies and colors formed around that friend in visions of color and compassion and great tenderness.

It made me pause to wonder what was happening, to reflect, to listen, to savor the miracle that I experienced in those moments. Were the deepest answers somewhere out there, or were they somewhere inside each one of us, or was my giving total presence to something bringing out the hidden greatness of my focus alignment?
Is there some magic in truly being seen? If someone truly sees us with utter sincerity and truthfulness……and openness, does this open the treasure hidden inside of another?

I have gazed at a tree and said an inspired poem to the tree, not writing it down, not sharing it with anyone else in the world, but offering it as a gift to express my thankfulness for the tree and its beauty. It seemed to thrive, and I felt a strong connection with the tree forever after that. Is that making an investment in it?
Is it giving the tree presence that makes it expand and flourish and reach for the sky?
Can we look and listen without criticism, without blaming, without trying to change someone, just take in who they truly are, who they are striving to be inside, and behold the miracle of their being?

Can you look within and feel reverence and appreciation for who you are?

The more I do this, the more I feel the wondrous presence of Spirit always with me, beholding, listening, loving, watching, sharing, hearing, infusing me with light, drawing and inviting the expression of my spirit, I feel a gaze that draws me out of the heaviness of being caught in the lower energies of feeling earthbound. I experience the glory and lightness of being that moves beyond the pull of gravity in a very mysterious way.

What is it that gives birth to spirit? What brings about the birth of that which gives us balance? Perhaps, it is not simply about transcendence or escaping, but about the presence that helps us remain to live the beauty that is both seen and unseen. If we are embodied spirit, then we are also spirit set free to wing our way anywhere in the world through giving heart presence to another, which may be our greatest and most precious endowment.

The mystics guide us to stay awake at dawn. Be present to the breaking dawn and the rising sun, and one day we may awaken to the beauty that is an expansion and an arising within our own souls.