Grace of Alpha and All Beginning

O great and powerful hidden love
beyond all names and knowing,
draw me into the silence
of your soul.
Flood me with the rushing
streams flowing from
your heart!
Draw me into the breath
of your inspiration
and the mystery
of your being.

Carry me on the cosmic winds
of all disappearance
into the vanishing
of the sheltering cloud
of your Mystery.
Hide me in the beauty
of your embrace.
Let me feel the fire
of your touch
and melt in the flames
of my longing desire to dwell
in your precious heart.

2 Responses to “Grace of Alpha and All Beginning”

  1. Suzanne Knight Says:

    Hi Naomi

    I came across this beautiful poem of yours whilst researching mystical poetry. I love this beautiful poem which speaks softly to my Soul. I am one in need of Spiritual Nourishment.

    I love your blog/website and book marked it. It is filled with much love, Divine Light and Divine Inspiration. Truly the Divine speaks to you via your Spirit. It is truly a blessing that I found you. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful, inspirational poetry on the world wide web for many others to experience and enjoy.

    Keep shining your Light!
    Blessings, Love and Light

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Thank you for your response. I think it is divinely timed. I sometimes wonder what I am doing
      bringing such private and prayerful expression and thanksgiving to the Internet, and I have been most reluctant to do so. A few keep encouraging me and nudging me to open it more, and I am so private. Yet, some of the contacts I am making are opening a connectedness of many of us who are looking for a spiritual community that isn’t full of rules….but will realize a global family that meets in the heart and the Soul. You bring a gentle affirmation of that. Thank you.

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