The altar of the heart

When I enter into the great silence, the sacredness of the altar of the heart and the expanse of the soul, I empty myself of everything except this moment by opening the heart to God. This alignment clears everything except the moment of communion that takes precedence over all else. Surrendering to the divine and creative energy that creates the inner world, the universe of the known and unknown, the sum of life, the rhythm of the heart, the sea of the soul, and the transparency of spirit.

The depth of this moment of communion is a sanctuary in itself, which is the centering balance of wholeness. I perceive and feel a presence that quickens the heart, an energy that receives and surrounds my conscious awareness. It is a place of renewal and re-centering.
Love overwhelms me and something unique and sacred is infused in the spiraling energy merging my life with a greater life.

2 Responses to “The altar of the heart”

  1. Shabana Says:

    thanks for sharing!!! extremely beautiful!! you are blessed!!!
    shabana ❤

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Shabana! How good to hear from you! Thank you for your comment!
      We are all blessed, each in our own way by the Beloved.
      ……..and I am twice blessed to be able to share it with you!

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