Surprised by the Light

Forever surprised by the light
of friendship
by the kindness of touch
and taking the hand
of tenderness
and caring.

It is easy to grow weary
of being strong
and self sufficient.
Needing someone
is difficult.

Suddenly, all the words
are obliterated
by a blinding light
and a deafening silence.
I am relieved.

I cry, and the years spill
out like wine.
I am relieved
that I have no answers.
I feel
so very human.

Longing turned me
inside out
and drew me like
a magnet toward my dreams
then dropped me on
hard ground
to wake me up.

There is no greater
in this life
or any other life
than a friend
who cares.

May we be the kindness
to each other
that we long for
in our hearts.
Take my hand and
walk with me.

4 Responses to “Surprised by the Light”

  1. Shabana Says:

    LOVE!!! knowing you is a blessing!

  2. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Indeed ~

    is the process of knowing
    less and less
    about more and more.

    Loveliness ~ through the eternal embrace of soul friendship,
    may the spaces between us be blessed.


  3. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Loveliness ~ thank you for walking with us.

  4. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Thank you. It is true…the emptying makes room for the blessing,
    the giving for the receiving, the pain clears the way for the joy, the darkness makes way for the light, the aloneness makes room for the friend…..and the universe kneels to those who dare to love even though it costs us everything.
    The human journey is a surrender into the mystery of the living God. To be human is to have the rare privilege of glimpsing the surprise of the light. All life rushes into the moment.

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