A Lovers Joy

If I could be anointed
the poet laureate
of earth and sky and sea
I would rather choose
to awaken
the poetic lover
in every heart
to see the beauty
pooling in the soul
longing to express
each secret Joy
in the sweet embrace
of freedom.

When the lover awakens
and begins
living the dream
from midnight to dawn
the sound barrier
has been broken
illusion is shattered
and left behind
and all we hear
is the sound
of clanging cymbals
tinkling brass.

The lover’s heart
hides the pearl
deep within
seeking its illustrious
agitated by waves
of longing
and polished
by the grittiness
of sand and time
until it
begins to glow.

of seeking lovers
are offering
the laurel wreath
that is
the lover’s crown.

with garlands
of flowers
a tender breeze
the sweet breath
of the beloved
in the softness
of your hair.