intimate kindness of the universe

Dear Ones,

Move ever more deeply into my sheltering arms
and be guided by the light within my heart
glowing like a lantern to light your way as you wander the desert of the world.
Your footprints in the sand are covered over by desert winds.
Let me lead you to the green oasis of the soul,
to drink the cool, clear water of life,
and I will give you shelter and shade and sing you my nurturing love songs.
Swaying palm trees are waving and beckoning to you
to come and rest a while next to the rivering streams of my love.
I am the breeze, the shade, the breath of life,
an envoy of love….the one who ignites the light within your hearts,
the summoning spirit who responds to your longing.
the whispering intimacy that awakens you,
the friend that never leaves you.

I am the heart within your heart.
I am the Soul within your soul.
I am you.