Suddenly there is Joy

every word
opens into a thousand words
and every face
opens into a thousand faces
every song
opens into a thousand songs
every blossom
opens into a thousand blossoms
every sky
opens into a thousand skies
every heart
opens into a thousand hearts
and every soul
opens into a thousand souls
and more….
infinitely more

the universe splits open
and the sun becomes a ring of fire
opening a portal
giving us passage
to an infinitely brighter light
as the gaze of the Beloved
beholds all of existence
in a single glance

and all melts
into a Love that is
infinitely more wondrous
than words can tell

a pure silence opens
a chasm
of centuries of longing
and we are drawn
inside a holy moment

the heart perceives
the depth of a divine sigh
and is drawn
into a single breath
of Love
that sweeps us
into the expanding embrace
of the Beloved
appearing within
the heart
flooding the soul
with the grace
and elegance
divine Love

there is Joy

life affirming
life giving
life expanding
precious freedom
of pure Joy