Fireworks of the heart

While the nation celebrates
her independence
the heart bursts open
with a display
of inner fire
that showers the soul
with the beauty
of grace

Somewhere a star
is born
and a new light
is seen
in the sky

A volcano erupts
and spreads the land
with fiery molten lava
that slides down
a mountain side
glowing and burning a path
of fire from deep
inside the earth

A heart simmers
and sparks
and ignites
with flames
of a different kind

A silent throbbing
falls into a rhythm with
a greater heart
and all else is silenced
by the inner glory
of alignment
with the Beloved

The creative chain of life
erupts with ecstasy
sending forth
a sizzling pool of faces
and forms
mixing and matching
genes and DNA
with laughter and delight
to greet
new beings to love

The human chain
is ignited
by a gaze that lights a fuse
from a sigh
of the Beloved
to eternal glory

This heart celebrates
a communion
that rivals fireworks
the world and in all
the galaxies in the sky
with a glowing
in the heart
that illuminates
the soul

A glorious inner music
the hidden
where the Beloved
is the only
sound I hear

This is a day of fusing
beauty and union
as the spirit expands
and extends
our reach
for a magnificent
Love that clears the way
for another day
of Joy