What message do you bring to the world?

‎The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. ~ Rumi

What is the deeper message
behind the words
you share
that dwells in the silence
of your heart?

What is the invisible hope
longing to be born?

What sings to you
in the night
chilling you with fright
and thrilling you with light
that brings the dawn?

Don’t miss the most
exciting part
of this life
the deeper message
of your heart!

Rumi left us the inspiring challenge of his life and the passion of his dancing invitation, and Hafiz listened to his heart and shared his gentle love with the world!

3 Responses to “What message do you bring to the world?”

  1. nehaa Says:

    In the Silence of My Heart….I hear him screaming everytime i am in pain….For He is helpless sometimes For He has to be quiet sometimes…To Purify me the way he wants sometimes…..

    The deeper message lies in the depth of my feelings…
    Leaving me Intoxicated…Making me Oblivious of any other emotion…

    The invisible hope longing to be born…To lose my existence into him, as attractions and distractions is all what I am sorrounded with.. .. the splendor of his charm…his creations…

    The night is so precious….for its darkness brings his soothing promises …

    and the mystery remains…the message the learning keeps unfolding itself to me to experience to learn and to move on…and that shall never stop….and I keep moving on his path….:)

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Ahhh…a fellow mystic….this is a beautiful and heart felt response…
    alive and honest….I am moved by your sharing.

  3. nehaa Says:

    :):):) Thank U :):):)<3<3<3

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