Wandering in the night

wanderings of a contemplative soul
listening to the sounds and visions of spring around the world
watching lambs running free in open meadows
seeing flashes of violets in the grass
little obscure blossoms that mingle with the green

reading a translation of a great mystic
that says the sum of his greatest writings are
It is what it is
followed by Silence

contemplating prayer around the world
and all the different ways
we kneel and feel the earth beneath us
then lift our eyes to the heaven
and bask in the light
and beauty of a sky
that smiles and rains beauty
on the earth

wandering in the inspiration of great music
wondering from what womb
did the first life appear on earth
it seems spirit is the constant
the spirit that always was and always will be

moments of birthing
and the body taking form
flowing through the soul
discovering wings of spirit
remembering flight

is it divine breath
sustaining life

are we each simply meant to be
a ray of divine light
and to simply let it shine
a moment of shining in the dark
that guides us toward the greater light

is the light in the heart
the illumination
of the mystery of loving
that loosens the beauty of spirit
that sends us soaring
on the kindness
of the
breath of the divine

sharing the rare privilege
as a wandering mystic in the night
to taste the wine of freedom
to engage in wondering