Visions of Light and Longing

Our hearts are creators
of visions extraordinaire
mined from centuries of formation
creating faces never glimpsed
except with inner eyes
entering dimensions that have not yet
registered in the world of time

of beauty
that has not been realized
or coaxed
into life as we know it

When we truly listen
we send a silent message
of shimmering energy
radiance that pierces the unseen
and draws it from its hidden cities
beneath the sea
of the place where sprites and fairies dance
by the streams
dancing among the reeds
and the quiet places of the soul
where glittering light
twinkles with talk
for those who listen

There is a precious kindness
in legendary silence
where we meet those we dare not name
for when we do
they vanish
and leave us gasping
from the beauty

The rare vision comes softly
and yields only
to the starlight
that shines
from within the mystery
that eclipses everything else
except the glimmering
of a deep beholding
that surrenders
to it