Giving birth to deeper dreams

When we listen closely
and intimately to the secret
of the heart
we hear the miraculous
song of every heart

We are amazed to discover
the dreams we share
for as we plunge
into the unknown
we encounter the gaze
of all longing

When we explore the inner
of the soul
we are nudged into the flight
of elation
to realize the countless ways
we are connected
with the depth of beauty
infused in every soul

Once we glimpse
the sacred tenderness
of all desiring
we awaken the vision
of inviting lips
eagerly waiting
to meet us
at the mouth of all
guiding us into the open sea
of a greater life

We behold the faces
and the spreading
arms of a magnificent love
to gather us in
and we notice
the light of a star
that has been
guiding us
all the while
toward a union
of deep and uncommon
with all creation

Somehow we held
a hidden hope
and a faith within
our deeper knowing
that we could not exist
alone and apart
from the wholeness
of the universe
to which we belong

We have felt the presence
of choirs of angels
of freedom
and singing to us
and summoning our souls
into an expanding
angelic light
of awakening
to realize the beauty
of who we truly are

We experience a new birth
in this
sea of light
and awaken as a child
of creation
brother and sister
to the rose
and the nightingale
and the lightning
of love

We are the men and women
of a great liberation
formed and caressed
to emerge from the sea
of union
of heaven and earth
from which there is no