My knight comes in silvery silence

The night surrounds me in silence
and I flow into the welcoming gentleness
the deep shielding beauty
of a precious darkness
that cradles and soothes all my senses

I respond to the coolness and closeness
of the touch of the night breeze
full of the secrets
of lovers who seek its sheltering
embrace to be alone

The emerald green of summer
glows more beautifully in the starlight
and the moon comes streaming
to my window to clothe me in splendor
and whisper secrets of longing

The birds have found a cozy place
in the evergreens to rest
the fireflies are no longer blinking
and the caressing breeze
strokes my hair

This is the creativity I choose
for my dwelling place
the enchanting dark hair of the knight
who comes dressed in twilight
still wearing the dew of evening

Talking ends and the gaze of love
that sees in the dark
opens my heart
to behold the rivering flow
of a tenderness that brings the tears

The gift of life that excites my heart
is this kneeling lover of night
mysteriously drawing the beauty
from the hidden depths
of the soul