The sacred light of freedom

Once in a while
something filters through
all the words and images
and a depth of beauty
prepares the way
for something real to happen
and like a bolt
of lightning
a creative power plunges through
the listening mind
and reaches the heart

A surge of life-giving light
beyond names
or words
becomes a touch from a Source
beyond everything else
and we feel it
in a deep place
that has been cleared
for just
such a moment

Something so real flashes
into life
that we are shocked
into a stillness
that summons every particle
of our being
to turn toward
its power

It galvanizes the heart
and shifts
the awareness
and we are suspended
in a glowing cloud
of transparency
a vibrating charge
of another heart
a glimmering firelight
warming the chest

It is much more than
inspiring thought
it is an infusion of light
that touches a holy place
that has been created
for just
such a moment
and we are in Awe

A deep silence
overtakes us
and something claims us
that we cannot even name
for when we do
it slips away in a cloud
that vanishes
in the light

Awake in a sheltering
we feel a presence
and drawing near
as a deep sigh
slips from our lips
from the breath
that is warm and real
next to our face

Another heart is aligning
with our own
altering the rhythm
to synchronize
with a gentle
pulsing current of life
that draws us
into a flowing stream
of magnificent light

This is the divine
for which we were born
to open a secret
passage that leads
to the light of freedom
that only love
can give

2 Responses to “The sacred light of freedom”

  1. nazeem Says:

    ive read u in the mysticsaint blog..and have always been touched to the core..want you to know that your poetry is beautiful..your words even in prose etch beautiful pictures for me ,,thanks

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      And I have read your responses and sharing in the the temple of the heart of our friend who writes of a meeting place for all in the deepest heart spaces of love. The ways to the heart are as infinite as the rays of the light from the One who brings us to Life.

      Thank you for entering my sanctuary and sharing your kind response. Sometimes my longing to gather us All in the beauty that flows from the greatest Love of All grows impatient….and I rush to say too much……to cry out to everyone….
      God is more patient….and so is Sadiq…..

      The wonder is that we just keep loving. So good to feel your touch across the distance. Love kneels to let us cross over……

      Blessings to you.

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