Devotion to Divine Wonder


Worlds within worlds within worlds

visions beyond words

coaxing us toward the unknown

longing to be known

by One who Sees


Souls within souls within souls

color beyond the rainbow

luring us toward a fusing ecstasy

opening our eyes

to dreams of splendor


We wander on beams of Light

angels of the Sun

igniting our insightful imagining

dripping sparks to earth

as falling fires of creation


Eyelashes are painting dreams

of gathering friends

emerging from shadows

wanting to feel the sensual delight

of the smearing colors of play


Dreams of windmills and knights

of rafts and rolling rivers

a roving band of troubadours

roam the mystical peaks

and valleys of vision


Galleries of the Divine

dwell in the hearts of friends

who remember that love

gathers beneath the spreading

arms of freedom