A Safe Place

Come to the intimacy…..

Come to the fountain of grace

Oh Where in the world is the one place where we can share everything that is in the mind and heart and soul, a place where we can express everything that concerns us, where we can pray for every person we wish well, for those we love, for those who have so little, for those who are ill, for those who are in danger, or abused, or those who suffer loss and catastrophe, or those who are afraid? Where can we always go to seek comfort, to be humbled, to be lifted and affirmed, to feel foolish and know we are still loved…..to confess what we would dare not confess to another living soul?

We can walk….fly…. run to the sacred spaces of the Heart….disappear into the hidden light…and know through faith… that we are heard…………we can know we are known….for who we are…who we hope to be….we share our worst moments…our funniest….our greatest experiences that no one else would even believe! We can share the beauty we love………be angry…..confess our fears….and know we are loved and forgiven and welcomed into great tender arms that will hold us through the night or day or whenever we come.

There is sweet comfort, intimacy, tenderness, forgiveness, mercy, humor, and delight always waiting for us. We hope for this……….we pray for faith to trust it……and we long for love and the hand of friendship to welcome us.

We walk through all barriers in our mind that tell us that we are not worthy or that we feel we have to earn it…..and we risk trusting the promises within the heart…..and we fall into a soft place….cushioned with deep compassion and a tender kiss…..and feel the gaze of loving eyes….
Oh, it is true. It is true. It is true!

How do you want to be known….would it be to hear your given name….or to be called, dear one…..or my sweet girl….my son……my friend…..write it on your heart and you will be greeted with your heart’s desires.

Share the dream….and the dream will meet you with open arms.

We are so wonderfully blessed to be free to create the relationship through our
hearts that we long to have. I laugh and admit that I am a foolish woman, and I whisper what I long to share….and I am eagerly embraced and received and heard no matter how foolish I am.

Belonging is already ours! Enter into the grace and generosity of the heart of Love and know how deeply you are loved and what amazing Presence waits for you!

Come to the embracing flow of love