Freedom is far beyond imagining

Freedom is an alignment
beyond my sharing
my words
my images
leaving a trail
to a wilderness
I would not advise
to those who seek
and comfort zones

Let me leave my warnings
to anyone who longs
for a God
who is literal
or absolute
or a God who will stay
the covers
of a book
or locked in a vault
where only the privileged few
have a key

God will wait for you
in divine meadows and fields
in constellations
that disappear when
some learned astrologer
tries to claim them
and their meaning

God comes as a Beloved
to the heart
that comes
in Love
and deep longing
that erases you
leaving the lantern
you carry
somewhere along
the way

Only divine light
guides the way

You consent to blindness
and to a deafening
with no proof
or justification
of where you have gone

It is a dangerous liaison
that yields everything
for moments
with a Beloved
that sweeps you into
without a trace

This is a stepping off
where the trail ends
and you are left
in the wilderness
of the infinite

No one can comfort you
except the Beloved
no one

no one

except the ONE