what an experiment we are

i awaken from a dream
and wonder
am I waking up to life
or awakening inside
a dream
and have left my life behind

as the lines are blurred
to what has been
and what is and what will be
i am not certain
if the choices
are mine
or someone else’s life stream
or random dream

does it matter

we try and place
what happens
in some context
of reality
to give it meaning
and a dream
is something
we can wash away
and reality starts

so did we live it
or was it all a dream
and do we only seem
to be who
we think we are

do we have a past
or a present or a future

or when separation
no longer exists
is every moment new
and we are creating it
in every moment

and we can live it
in a new way
as it is unfolding
as if it has never
happened before

not only as if
but perhaps it
never did happen

if I put the computer
in incognito mode
i have no history
and no one can track me
is this a new way to create
that has nothing
to do
with something past that
we think is real

now this would truly be
every moment
and living every
every moment
loving every moment
as the world shifts
to whatever zone
we choose

nothing is permanent
and life is new

who are we
when everything
has either vanished
or we never
truly lived

who knows

so what do we choose
in this new birth

i choose love
glorious and gentle
and sweet
wondrous and intimate
and joy is so thrilling
it is beyond belief

kindness is the life stream
and smiles are something
we give
to each other

humor is a tonic
like morning air or
evening dew

you or me or we
was only a game we play
the only thing
we say to each other
is shhhhhhhhhh
if this is a dream
i don’t want to wake up

my heart is filled with love
and it is pouring out
brimming over
and forming rivers and streams
around the world

thank heavens
i didn’t know how i was going
to explain my dream
now all i can hear
is laughter

something is blooming
in the meadow
and beauty is
bringing the softness
of spring
to my awakening

breathing is union
with all breath

i only exist as love
and it is
so thrilling
to be alive