the night is filled with lovers

I feel the caressing touch
of the beloved
in the breeze
of the midnight air
for as the moon rises
over the horizon
lovers appear
from sequestered places
the drifting fragrance
released from
night blooming hearts

The most exotic flower
is the bud
longing to loosen
its withholding
of all that has been
so tightly bound
now desiring to lay open
its beauty
to flow freely
in the garden
by opening the soft gown
of petals
that shelter
the soul

The beloved arrives
when that sacred moment comes
and songbirds sing
from every tree
trading the gift of wings
to share a glimpse
of this exalting beauty
of love

The gift of true flight
needs no wings
when light
pours freely
from the chalice
of the heart
in a rivering stream to
the welcoming sea
of the union of souls

Something thrilling
when the wave of love
pulls us under
where we breathe
the mysterious freedom
of drowning
in the beloved

Dying is not what we thought
when it happens
in those embracing arms
for love breathes
new life
our eager lips
as glowing hearts
light the way
to a kingdom beyond
the sea