Night song

I come eagerly to this quiet hour
awakening from a few hours sleep
knowing the joy of communion
and the grace
I find in this solitude
of sacred listening
to the Presence of Love

I never seem to tire
of trying to share
stumbling and laughing
at times
at my ineptness
to find a way to express
magnificent love
divine breath
blessed assurance
inclusive supply
of all that sustains
and nurtures life

exalting beauty
glory that humbles
and leaves me in awe

The universe is kneeling
and gentle arms
are holding us close

Divine Friendship is ours
listening and caring
whispering and comforting
and absorbing every prayer
and every concern

A peace that passes
all understanding
is the gift
of great love
reaching to all
through all open hearts
and souls

Meet you there
in the profound and exalting
of the Beloved