My prayer beneath the moon

There are so many ways to pray
so many ways to fast
so many ways to worship
to celebrate
to rejoice
to show kindness

so many ways to be silent
to kneel
and so many songs
to sing our joy

the world is filled
with so many languages
and cultures
and countries
with different dress
and beliefs
and traditions

yet…when I take your hand
in friendship
I honor and respect your ways
for it is not mine
to judge
or tear apart
what you hold sacred

I only ask
you do the same
for mine

There are so many ways
to love
and somehow creation
grants us winds and rain
and light
and allows the moon to rise
and the pulsing stars
to winkle and blink
and invite us to dream
whether it is
in a jungle
or a desert
a city street
or a mountain top

Clouds sweep the sky
with so many shapes and ways
so many leaves blow
in the wind
and breathtaking blooms
flower and open
so many kinds of wings
and feathers
oceans and rivers and lakes
and so many faces
young and old
wrinkled and smooth
frowning and smiling and kind
angry and disturbed
some frightened and always afraid
shy and aggressive
bold and tender
crazy and strange

My prayer is that somehow
we dare to love
the masterful diversity
of this amazing and ongoing
creation for however long
we have it all

If for one moment
we truly love all that we are
beyond our liking
or not liking
or our little personal
for this or that

could we dare to suppose
that our way
is not the perfect way
for everyone

It seems so simple
so natural
to co-exist in peace
in the world
around the globe
in our cities
and homes
and in our hearts

Why is it so hard
to allow love
to melt
the boundaries
between us

When will we ever bless
the spaces
between us
and feel the beauty
of a world beyond our own

May we fast from judgment
and from blame
from endless criticism
and from war
Oh please
may we fast from war
and try a little kindness
for a while

It seems so simple
and so natural
to dwell in peace

Why is it so hard
to embrace
what is so different
from ourselves


I pray for All that is
to exist in peace
and harmony
that we might see
and behold
the magnificence
of this awesome diversity
we share
this breathtaking beauty
that arises from
truly open hearts and souls

If we do this
for one moment
if we truly
surrender to a larger
and more compassionate way
we will behold
and feel
the infinite love
in which we live and move
and have our being
in which we ALL are held
by the Friend
in the beauty of the Beloved
who waits
in every heart

I walk around whispering
I love you
I love all that we are
all that is our
heritage and gift
in this astounding world
and I hear the hills and valleys
and the sky whispering
I love you
in a soft gentle echo
from worlds beyond our knowing

and the wind whispers I love you
I love you
I love you all