Drowning in Beauty

To drown in beauty
that steals the breath
with a kiss
is only a hint
of what it means to be swept
into the Soul
of the Beloved

To glimpse the creative power
of God is to surrender
the eyes
to a deeper kind
of seeing
as you are plundered
by tenderness

To be touched by intimacy
of the infinite
is to lose all
with what is familiar
and safe
to feel the shattering
of divine love

It is to be caught
in the updraft
of magnetic solar winds
and wild storms
of flashing lightning
that tear open
the veil between heaven
and earth

It is to be gathered
into a shredding
cyclonic ecstasy
that sends you
hurling you into the skies
to take your place
among the stars
as a remnant of God

Deep in the night
the Beloved approaches
whispering Love
that knows no bounds
and rescues you
from oblivion
in the spreading sky
filling you with new life
in the rhythmic sea
of a Soul
that surrounds you
with a rushing wave of
exquisite love