An extraordinary day

What a privilege it is
to live and love
while turning in the gentle rhythm
of this centering sphere
in a universe
of beautiful beings
the stepping stones
and trails
of God

Suddenly a light appears
a warm smile
tender touching
that honors all life
we sense a compassionate gaze
watching over the dance
spreading fragrance
to enhance our whirling

A cool drink and a feast
awaits to nourish
as music prepares
us to rest
in the sweet softness
of the hidden grace
of an embrace

The beloved is a balm
of caressing
a precious anointing
of a silken salve
that soothes
and clears the way
for the bliss
of dreaming

We were created for clouds
of light and caring
divine revelations
are whispers of a Creator
who has everything
to give
to an open heart