In the Light of Faith

In the light of faith
and hope
we feel the kindling
of the flame
of the greatest power
on earth
igniting within us

Love glowing
and shimmering
from eyes
that behold beauty
shining through
centuries of longing
to reveal
an awakening

Love comes
with such sweet
and tenderness
a home within
the heart
to be with us always

Weakening embers of long
forgotten prayers
are fanned by faith
and hope
to leap into the warmth
of the firelight
of Love
and surrounding
the surrendered life

An infusion of radiant Light
hidden within All Life
leaps forth
to Eyes that Gaze
through our own
the Presence
of the Beloved

A Divine Glance
All Creation with Love
that activates
and draws us close
to the creative power
and care of God

to this deep
and recognize
the Source
from which we come

Kneel in remembrance
and grateful
that flows
continually through
our open hearts
to expand the soul

The soul gives rise
to wings of Spirit
that soar
in the Divine winds
of sacred freedom
which only
Love can give

Light the candle
of faith
and sing the songs
of an inclusive
and embracing Love
that will shake this earth
and open every
trembling heart
to the light
of Joy