Night blooming Wonder

Divine night blooming passion
gathers the darkness
and explodes with energy
greater than thousands of volcanoes
or thousands of tornadoes
brighter than flashing lightning
that blinds
millions of watching eyes

awakening dreaming lovers
across the globe
to feel the Light within
thousands of Hearts
bursting into thousands of stars
shaking the foundation
of all the worlds
in the created universe
and beyond

shattering the complacency
and certainty
of every coined belief
ever held by self-righteous
humans so certain
of their exclusive hold
on truth
invented out of their
fearful uncertainty

The Divine Passion of Love
infuses thousands
of surrendering hearts
with the energy
to give birth
to thousands of blossoms
drifting in the dark
glowing with
the elegance of night blooming
flowering passion
with a hypnotic fragrance
curling into dreams
that sends thousands of sleep walkers
and thousands of snoring
roaring lions
into ecstasy

sober judges awaken
at they know not what

albs and robes
and degrees and doctrines
crowns and turbans
and baseball hats
turn to smoke
and disappear

jungles bloom and monkeys scream
and rain forests multiply
and swell with cures
for everything

clothed only in moonlight
in fountains
of youth and beauty
fairies and fireflies dance
with children
in the wee hours of timeless lands

floating flowers flutter
and caress upturned faces wondering
what is happening
swooning and swaying
and singing sweetly with voices
like angels
murmuring of the beloved
passing by

Is it any wonder
I never sleep