The heart is a portal to the infinite

Your very own sacred heart
is a portal
to the opening
of intimate dimensions
of life
that lifts
your awareness
to pinnacles of beauty
that elevate you
to the eternal

The vision is for
who dares to see
to feel
and to behold
the light that reveals
the passage through the dark
to realms and dimensions
brimming with energy
of creative power

No one can tell you what
your eyes alone
will discover
for no one knows
what will reveal itself
to you

Enter into the mist
of the cloud of unknowing
beyond the restraints
of boundaries we so carefully build
in thousands of ways
and feel the spinning fields
of energy
out of which we are invited
to create

A heart that summons you
to become a port
of entry
for more than
you could ever imagine
is an energy
of possibility
a circling medium
for worlds within worlds
within worlds

The journey is not
for greatness
or exalting your small
for the world to worship
but for the exaltation
of the heart
and the formation
of a soul within a soul
within a soul

Feel the spirit arising
exploring the unknown
expanding the light
and colors
of the universe
and beyond
brushed by an invisible
flow of energy
moonlight streaming
from your hands
stars circling the divinity
of mind
and golden dust
anointing your feet

Every simple moment
you are blessed by beauty
when you feel
it deep within your soul
and your heart stirs
with gratitude and wonder

the eternal source
of all inspiration
is drawing and attracting
and welcoming you
to taste the fruits
of the feast
of a visionary life
that creates
and creates and creates