Communion at dawn

the energy field that unites us all….
profiling faces
of the same breath of life….
the same bridging birth of our relatedness…
the same air we breathe
and share….
beyond our illusions…..

in silence…..
we hear a deeper language…..
and when the eyes
of the beloved gazes through our eyes……
we see a deeper vision

the light shoots toward the sky
like a fountain
visions burst forth
manifesting themselves
across the invisible
field of our expanding spirits
felt as energy
conveyed through veils
and membranes of the music
of the soul

divine birth
reaches us through warm hands
and cool breezes
softened by a whispering wind
transporting us
through a sweet flowing fragrance
forever nameless
in the mysterious well
of silence
from a source
beyond our own reach

and yet
the beauty reaches
the delicately resounding
echo of a distant love
whose breath
like a falling feather
graces the skin
stealing our sighs
transforming them
with a sip from the holy chalice
and the pouring wine
of a divine heart

this is a communion beyond
the limits of expression
still….the essence of words
slip through unseen lips
gracing the tongue
vanishing in the light of love
so freely
and tenderly given

image by rassouli

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    this is my new e-mail, please e-mail me so I get your e-mail address!

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