Follow the Divine Flow of the Beloved

Deep within you
the Spirit of the Beloved
is communing with your heart
and drawing your soul
into the Greater Soul that rises
in Spirit to fly free
with the beauty of divine Love
that knows no captivity
no oppression
but draws you into the fresh
clear air that breathes
new life in you.

Flow into the Beloved
align your heart and soul
and mind and spirit
toward the beauty
of that great Love
and let the creative power
carry you into the ocean
of those surrounding arms.
Trust the promises
of divine mind and divine love
to guide you
into the relationship
you desire and long for
in your heart.

All earthly visions
will come and go and fade
and dissolve in the infinite power
of the Beloved
All faces are manifestations
of the One who seeks your heart

You were created to be loved
and completely
given as a gift of grace
as sweet as anything
you will ever know in this life
or the next

Hold the intimacy
of the Beloved in the secret
places within you
a light that flickers
and illuminates the Heart
created by the Beloved
as a place of refuge
and renewal

Feel the Love
expand and spread throughout
your body
for it is the cure
and remedy for all sadness
and feelings
of separation

Many voices tell you to follow
their leading and to listen
to their teaching
and the Voice of the Beloved
is whispering
for you
to come and flow
in the great rivers of Love
and will set your
spirit free
in the powerful alchemy
of transforming Love

Love will look through your eyes
and the breath of Spirit
will give you new life
and be with you
in secret ways
known only to the Beloved

You are known
and seen
and loved beyond
your dreams
dear one


3 Responses to “Follow the Divine Flow of the Beloved”

  1. S.Swati Says:

    thanks, for sharing this lovely prayer/poem with us!!!

  2. Wrdz Dhamma Says:

    I finally found a way to send you a comment Naomi! I love your writings they are absolutely divine! I have been sharing them on facebook every week. Do you have a facebook profile? I would love to connect with you over there. If not it is fine, I really enjoy all your writings it is a slice of heaven.

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