A Morning Star

A Morning Star

As my gaze was drawn
into the image
of my beloved
I could see the reflection
of a day star hovering
gently whirling and dancing
and drifting near
as if to steal a glance
of the surprising
of the beloved
still visible in the light
of dawn

If I turned toward the star
it slipped out of sight
for stars are usually seen
against the dark
of the sky at night
by the reflecting light
of the moon
yet this brave
star was drawn
to the presence of
something more

An altar of silence
the beloved walks
flowers blossom in the dust
of footprints
that move softly into
my heart
as peace floods my soul
to rest
in a greater Soul

The breathtaking waves
swell and break
against the shore
of all separation
washing away everything
except the Being
that attracts
and embraces all
into One

All faces rush to gather
in the glow
of Light flowing
across the expanding
of great tenderness
and intimacy of this Love
that melts all
to surrendering
dissolves all boundaries
into perfect peace

Out of the ruins of centuries
of illusion
transparent wings
of Spirit
emerge from the dust
to spread
in the pure light
of the welcoming dawn
taking flight
into freedom that yields
and makes way
for the lightness of being
soaring on
the golden wings
of Joy
and Belovedness