May we be ever aware of the Grace of Love

In all the world
and through all our reaching
toward the highest Love
may we be lifted by Grace
and soar with the eagles
the angels and open hearts
who long for Love

May our souls ascend
to the white wings of purity
and beauty to proclaim
the Source of All Goodness
and Truth

May we discover
the Compassion of God
for All living creatures
within the very life stream
of Divine mercy and love
flowing through us
in the gift of this life

It is not ours to be clever
or powerful or filled with our own
rather it is our call
to sense the greatness
that guides
the very turning of this planet
and the borrowed breath
that sustains our life

May we be granted Faith
to follow
the perfection of Love
that brings the watchful gaze
of Divine Sight
over our every moment
whether awake or sleeping

Life flows from the One
who showers us with the Light
of a Divine Nature
we cannot
begin to fathom
or describe

We create and imitate
and think we touch greatness
in our finer moments
and yet All greatness
flows from the Source of One
who grants us a taste
of heaven
through benevolence
beyond our imagining

We are beautiful
we are so profoundly loved
and showered with Light
from a Sun hurled
in the sky
with the mighty sweep
of a Divine Hand

We sing because a Divine Voice
sings within us
and we dance because
we are swirling and guided
by Divine arms
in the Music of Life
that is pure gift

May humility arise within us
to know and feel
the Presence of All
that sustains us
and may we live in kindness
and generosity
with All created Life

May we greet each day
with thanksgiving
and Joy
for this incredible
to live as the people
of God