Choosing love as a way of life

The most powerful choice I have made that has affected the quality of my life has been to choose to keep my heart open to love no matter what is happening around me. It aligns me with the creative energy of love that allows me to remain open to my own feelings, open to others and to new experiences.

We all feel flashes of anger, of jealousy, of emotional pain, of having our feelings hurt by what another chooses, sadness over tragedy, grief over losses we experience, disappointed by the reaction of another, and we all have times of feeling alone in this journey through time. It can become very tempting to close down, to turn away, and to want to end the feelings of vulnerability that can leave us open to suffering of any kind.

Yet, the moment I choose to do that, I become smaller, and I lose the chance to be a part of the expanding energy of love’s transforming power.

Everyone has access to divine sweetness… beauty…….to Nature….to the changing seasons, to the unconditional acceptance and love of the One who created us, and amazingly, we are invited to share in the creative process that results from being touched by this divine energy flowing in this world….and within us.

If we begin to judge others, to blame them for how we feel or for what is happening to us, we begin a downward spiral that is difficult to transform. We give away our power, and when we do that, we lose our joy.

The sweetest joy in all the world is loving and sharing in the beauty of the expansive love of God. We can call this living presence by many different names, but when we fall into the wonder of a Being who loves all of Creation, we have found the secret door to an exalted existence. There is nothing to compare to this precious anointing, this rediscovery of innocence, this purity of sharing…………….nothing.

For me, the secret passage to this freedom is in choosing to love, to feel the generosity of the One who gives to us, to forgive and forgive and forgive, to love enough to want the freedom of those I care about, to rejoice in another’s success, to recognize the light of God deeply infused in every heart.

To know God as a Beloved….we open to knowing the incarnation of the divine here on earth….an indwelling spirit of love within us….and to know the joys of being human in heaven.