Wings of poetic vision

wings of poetic vision

I write as I live
in an energizing stream
of light and breath
and life-giving love

You should know the rhythm
of my heart
quite well by now
for we are all contained
in a larger heart

A stream of energy flows your way
like the rivers flow
and the same light dances
on the prairie
as the ripples and waves
of the ocean
in which we are embraced
we watch the sunrise
and sunset of your life
wherever you may be

The same light dances you
into the day
as dances on my page
the same pulse of life beats
in awakened hearts
and the same breath
flows through the manifestation
of our lives as flows
through our beloved mystics
and those who live
by love alone

The music of the heart
is the harp
of divine fingers
and the light that circles there
is as rich and golden
as if it were wine poured
through the sun
or as crimson
as the passion that flows
through the veins
of the creator

When my heart begins to sing
the song is like
the nightingale gazing
at the rose
whether it is in the dark
of night
or the glow of morning
for the tiny heart
opens within a greater heart
and music flows
from a mystery no one
can name

It is always new like the breath
no matter how it sounds
to another
for Love is encoded
with a beauty only the heart
can recognize
and only hidden eyes
can behold

My words dance out of the dark
like your
lives dance
on my page as the curls of beauty
that have entrapped mystics
through the ages
and time stands still
and falls away as a measure
that has no meaning
to the heart

There is no such thing
as separation
to the pulsing heart
of one abiding in the mystery
of Oneness
and of the one who listens
to the pulsing hearts
of nameless beings
who have sweetly surrendered
their boundaries
to heaven right here
on earth

I am not a poet
in the sense of category
but the poetry of the heart
has taken command
over the gardens that grow
from my fingers
each one a brush
that freely strokes the keys
or caresses the pen
with love
from a source beyond my ability
to describe or control
and the day I quit resisting
is when it began to fall
with the ease
of breathing
into the fall line
of my immortal days and nights
which energizes
whatever is this thing
called life
that we are living
or is it that
we are being lived

My fingerprints would never reveal
my identity
because I am never the same
from one moment
to the next
and when someone wants me
to reel it all in
to be who they thought I was
I can only smile
and cast a line of love
on the breeze
that makes them forget

All the histories of all
of the faces and names
have melted
in the dancing flames of the beloved
and the creator and sustainer
of my heart
is creating
a new one as I write

The only guide
is that it always be new
and so who is it
that is awake and listening
….only hearts
that have an inner glow
who feel
and are guided
by what cannot be named
or tamed

thank heavens

this sweet existence
is the perfect
for this invisible flame
of the wings of poetic vision
and the power
of the living word