Think that cloud will hit or miss the moon….

As you enter the silence of the sleep and rest….
I quietly awaken to continue to keep the vigil of the night…
and I can walk quietly like a kitten….on padded feet
and wander in the places
where silence falls like the first snow… and pure…
there is such a wonderful innocence in the purity of silence….
where the anointing happens…
where we receive communion from the origin of all conception
and the beginning of all birth…..
where we witness the beauty that enchants us
and summons us to share what we envision
in the midst of inner music
and the passionate flow of rivers inside of us….
of the oceanic waves and tides
of the movement of the earth….
more than just the quiet turning of the dervish…..
there is the wild dance of beauty within.

When Rumi reminds us of Silence…the moment when beauty comes…
whether it is Shams from the land of Tabriz
or from the light of the sun….
or the Silence beneath the patched and humble robe of Hafiz….
listening to the secrets the outer life would not allow….
or in the Silences in the Listening of a Woman
who discovers her freedom
and chooses the treasures of a deeper and deeper life…..
where the portals open
and colors swirl around her feet…..
and a Voice shares a stream of Creating
about how Love can enter into Silence
the way a man enters the invisible places
in a woman…..and conceives something entirely new
out of the shared Silences between them…..
something there are no words for….some mixing
of the unknowns that allows them to let all the rivers flow
into the Ocean of the Unknown….
the Sea of Tranquillity ….the beauty of rolling waves of rhythm….
empowered by energy that rises to meet
and fill the Silences with itself…..
the Living power of the Word is so much more than
theology has tried to make it….
committing the error of claiming to know the secrets.
for as soon as they do….
it slips through their fingers like water
that will not be held……for it vanishes….evaporates…
and becomes a mist that will turn to wine
for the open heart
that feels its cleansing beauty.

It is that life…. deep down in things
that seeks to express to the one watching
and listening and feeling ……and who is open to something new.
And when two are open….it flows in the open channel between them
to give birth to something no one can name…
yet…they know it is real

a purity that opens to other worlds….other realms…..other dimensions
those who listen to the silences….
who allow it to penetrate
and slip in between the spaces of togetherness….
through the expanding of Spirit….
which happens in the Silences….an opening….
as thin as hair…..and light slips through…… etheric flow…..
like the essence of flowers escaping from sheltered spaces
between the silken petals…..
it is not just the outer beauty….for which it was created
but for the secrets it whispers about conception and birth
and communion possible for a flower….
a secret of beauty within the seed
which is why wildflowers are so breathtaking
in their freedom
why prairie grasses……..or queen anne’s lace…..
or poppies in the field…
swaying in a breeze dazzle the eyes…..
why the soaring of a bird shares the silence of flight
that meets the flow of the wind…..
something so intimate is exchanged in silence….
it cannot be known by anyone…..except those who honor it
and open their hearts to receive it…..
not teachable…..we follow
a guide into Silences that only summon those
who are able to meet it in purity

It is a wondrous sacred sheltering
of the creative gifting
of Silence
that no one can take it away once you have known it
as the mystics remember the intimacy
fluttering between them
like the movement of the air
of butterfly wings
like the hush of the breeze against the skin….
or the breeze that plays in the hair
and suddenly…. one is aware…
the breeze comes alive
and becomes silent and sensitive fingers
caressing the beauty there

Others talk about silence
but it is an unknown language to use for most
for it is only given
in the quiet rustling of breeze
becoming breath….this is what is virgin
the birth of beauty flowing
in a whisper
a little flower blooms called babies’ breath
and another blooms from lovers
who hold it sacred

These are the treasures that open
to the pure of heart
who recognize the coming of the sweetness
that wants to give itself to another
to taste the purest wine
which is the dew that comes
in the precious moments of
the surrendering night
of silent lovers

Once that silence guides you
to the open places where beauty dwells
like a secret flower
blooming in a place only love knows
only then
do we become a silent seeker
waiting for the quiet path
of breath
to guide us to the virgin Silence
that waits for us

This is the grace that makes us gods
and goddesses within our
hearts and souls
that awaken in the depth
of Silence
to listen to what no one else can hear
within each precious heart

Only love shares such a gift
for it eludes
those who only listen
to empty noise

Love guides the seekers quietly into themselves
to enter the holy ground
beneath the outer garment we put on
for precious moments
of witnessing
the treasure
of all beginnings

Silence is a sacred book
that is whispered by
the breeze
slipping into the open heart
to share the art of fusing
with Silence
that comes to life as
the breath
of Love

Each heart creates their own
and places their hand
over their heart
where it continues
to flow
like the rivers stream from heart
to heart to heart
to the great
sea of the collective
and the Spirit of pure Love
on the breeze
to continue to create

Eternal life
is not what we supposed