Everything is music

Everything is music
when the beloved is near
a song from every bird
carries a sweet sound
only the soul
can hear

Every sigh carries
a breath
and a lilting laughter
that greets
and follows after
the coming and going
of the beloved
coming home
to rest
in your arms

Blessed assurance
in the midst
of a world in chaos
comes to the heart
without a word
without proof
through the precious
of love

All the wrong falls
into right
and night or day
or day or night
the Light of those eyes
bring springtime
in the seasons
of the heart

Kindness flows like a river
in the movement
of the life that
is somehow living through
a precious touch
that guides the way
of the spirit to flow
in freedom
with the wind

No one in this world
or any other
can name the beloved
that brings this
creative peace
to an expanding life
except the heart
that sings


Painting by Rassouli